Session 038 - Working together


Hello Son,

You are getting tired constantly after school, you need to conserve your energy and keep it slow. I will pick a topic; it’s about  'Working together'.

Success is based around co-operation and effort. Any project that requires more than one person will need a team to work affectively. With this in mind, duties are needed so that everybody knows what they are doing.

You have got to start planning ahead and think about what is required to get the job done. Start thinking about how you are going to educate everybody in the family.A strategy is needed to guide you through the steps to spiritual growth. I am aware your spiritual growth is top priority, but as you start teaching others, growth will become automatic for you. Look at my own life and the changes around my life. Everything happened for a reason, and the silsila (spiritual teaching group) increased because over the years there was a need based around the need of me. As my spiritual growth increased, so did everybody’s interest. It is like the law of attraction that works hand in hand, in full co-operation.

Start with the boys and decide what the best steps are, make it interesting based around my own life and experiences.

I will see you tonight; keep it to the same time.

Your mother.