Session 037 - Life changes


Hello Son,

With so many distractions such as the pole shift and volcano eruptions, you have found it difficult to focus. But you have come back and found yourself to be balanced and are harmonisingwith your subconscious soul.

Today we are going to talk about 'Life changes'.

As you can see the earth energies and even her own design, are changing. The earth is going back to its former balance. Mother Earth has a conscious as well and it does get stressed and demands for peace. Just like man, if kept under enormous pressure for so long, he too would demand for change. He would start demonstrating and ask for justice. In some cases he would walk out and move else where. Mother Earth cannot move somewhere, instead she transforms and changes her configuration until she is comfortable. Stress for her, is destruction of the forest, pollution of the rivers and the soil, radioactive pollution and air pollution. She is being choked from all sides and it is come to a point that, a change would do a world of good.

In the next couple of years there are going to be a lot of changes, for the good. You are already mentally prepared for it and possibly you may have to move. These changes will affect every person and every country on the planet. There will be a slow movement of the population and a migration of the people.

This is necessary for the survival of mankind and to start again with good souls. It is like planting a tree, if you look after it with fertiliser and water, it will bear fruit for you. This is the same analogy the Creator has for this planet. There is so much pollution around us that it is necessary for Mother Earth to start all over again. This cycle has happened 24 times before. Man keeps on making the same mistakes over and over again. However, this is the final transformation. There is going to be an enormous change that will affect the survivors on the planet. This will be good, as there will be peace for eternity. Everyone will be relieved and happy. Mother Earth will go back to her former glory and beauty. Life will be truly wonderful.

These changes will take some time, so you need to work together with your brother’s in-laws, to protect the family. You both carry equal responsibility and leadership. But your task is different. Educating the families is your task, to make them understand and to search inside for all the answers to life and the divine plan.

Acquiring knowledge is vital at this time, so start researching as much as you can. Your personal spiritual growth is getting better very quickly and do not worry about falling behind. There will be a time where it will be instant. So keep meditating as much as you can.

Your mother of wisdom and kindness.