Session 036 - Choices


Hello Son,

How are you? I can see that there are a lot of ideas in your head, but unfortunately I cannot make these choices for you. If you wish to apply abroad, then I suggest you go ahead, leave the outcome to the Creator. God is the only one who knows that a move like this with the whole family, would be beneficial or not.

I can see the excitement in you and you should then apply and see what the results would be.

Today I want to talk about, 'Choices'.

When people make choices, they fall into different categories.

  • Pleasure
  • Career
  • Spiritual
  • Escape
  • Boredom
  • Family

You can see from above, they are all different types of emotional balances, from one extreme to another. As emotions are imbalances we can be blinded from seeing the truth.

A decision with an imbalance state of mind can be good or bad. However, if we want to make a perfect decision, then our state of mind should be neutral and left to the Creator to decide for the outcome. The person who performs this step is balanced, even after making their decision. By leaving it to the Creator, shows their trust in making the final judgement.

But is it necessary to make a big judgement, when a person is already satisfied? The answer is no. When a person is happy and everything is going well for the rest of the family and they too are happy, then why move? This would mean a complete different atmosphere and different emotional vibrations. As life is made from emotional choices, decisions are important for the family and to a person when moving.

However if a person is not happy and there are a lot of dilemmas in that person’s life, then one must try. The person overall wants a change and wants to see something different, in other words to bring stability into ones life. The energy levels can be confusing as the soul is trying to inform the conscious mind to go back into balance or do something. The soul does not like to be in any form of stress, it goes against the design of the Creator. Once the choice is made, the person can finally have the courage to do something, positive or negative it does not matter, as the final outcome will be made by the Creator.

When a person makes a spiritual move, it’s completely different to the one that is thinking about personal development, which is above the decisions made by the emotional imbalances. A person who is overall already balanced, the choices made are usually good. As they always make judgments through their higher self and seek answers accordingly when unsure. When a person depending on how developed they are spiritually, can make adjustments if everything is out of place as they can quickly go back into balance.

I hope this wills you in making your decisions in life. The connection you have with me is not going to be broken whatever happens. I will guide you or advise you throughout your life.

Your mother, who is wise in all of her decisions.