Session 034 - Emotional balance


Hello Son,

This is for your eldest son; you need not bother with little misunderstandings, because man makes judgements too quickly, when he does this he makes mistakes again and again. Emotions can be all over the place except for a person who is balanced; he can reflect on an event or situation and think clearly without getting influenced. This type of thinking is peaceful and a person who can do is always calm and will go about their normal lives. They are based around their trust on God, like your dad is. His whole life is based around the trust of the Creator, it does not matter how serious a thing can be, he always quickly goes back into balance and stays calm.

When your dad gets angry it is for a reason, you must lay your trust on your dad. At the moment you do not, it is for this reason you will continually be restless in the future no matter what. This trust must start immediately, it does not matter what you do in the future, you will still be restless. You need a lot of guidance so start at home, learn to trust people as well. But keep a distance, as you don't have to get too close to them. Man in generally is imperfect, his mind is full of chatter and silliness.

Stay away from all the gossip, because gossip leads to foolish ideas and negativity. Read the Quran, about what God thinks of gossip and those types of people who continually carry on gossiping. Talk when necessary and with control. Do not laugh too loudly because this shows you are out of control. Every emotion carried out should be in balance.

Many years ago God told me not to talk to anyone for a week. I had to keep quiet during the whole time. This was to save my energy and in case I said anything negative. Yes, save energy, why do something good then lose it by saying or getting involved in silliness?

Now is the time to think in every action you are doing, is it correct? Should I be doing this? Is this right? Spirituality is behavioural training first, then knowledge comes afterwards. Do you think God will give knowledge to an idiot who does not know how to behave?

Trust your dad and do not dwell on disappointments as though it is the worse thing that has happened. Stay in focus at all the times. Happiness is inside of you so look for it. It is not in the material world. Most of all trust in God. At the moment you are not, your dad does all the time, every second of every day. Seek happiness from within.

Generally in life people get upset, angry, tired, fed up, unhappy and a whole of all other emotions; this is life, learn to deal with these ups and downs. These are the characteristics that make a person. Make life a challenge with eagerness not doom and gloom.

That is all, it’s not that bad. Your grandmother, who knows the minds of all the family.