Session 033 - Pole shift or ascension


Hello Son,

It has been an up and down day for you, but you have realised that it does not affect you, that’s why you quickly move back into balance. This is the training you’ve had, by doing all the meditations over the years it has made an enormous effect. Also the difficult and emotional life you have had it has made you mentally strong and now you can bear and tolerate double or even triple any problem that a normal person can bear.

Let me tell you that you are ready for any pole shift or ascension, regardless of what people say or think. Do people really think that just a particular type, body shape or weight of a person will have an effect on who will survive? No, that is the wrong type of judgement to make. The Creator will save the people from all walks of life; He is not biased but perfectly fair and gives equal opportunities to all. He will take into account all races and creed.

The pole shift however, is driving everybody to a different line of panic thinking. The pole shift has always been God’s plan from the beginning. If the Creator would have told mankind his plans, then everybody would have sat down and not bother carrying on working. This is typical mental way of thinking for mankind, cannot be bothered, or even why bother the world is going to end anyway.

When a person thinks like this they are not optimistic but pessimistic. It is this very reason that God has secrets over his knowledge. He is very careful who he informs, otherwise mayhem and panic would set in. People would stop trying and give up hope easily. Never give up hope, always live the dream until the end. Things can change so quickly when we do not expect them to.

Now for you at the present carry on with your normal routine of work and stick with it. Yes I will guide you when things get serious. Be strong as you are because people around you will try to change their mind and push you on the wrong track.

These things around you that are happening to the world will slowly be revealed; whatever happens, it is for the best. Everyone should think like this.

Your mother, forever hopeful for a wonderful and fulfilling life for mankind.