Session 032 - Cosmic body


Hello Son,

You had a dream last night where you saw how clever the lion was. He chased a mouse up a rope then in a cage and into a zoo. But he got stuck as he was so high up, so telepathically he called his trainer who came and got him down. The trainer was not aware that the lion had called him; an idea came to his head that he should see the lion. See how intelligent the lion was? He used his intuition.

You want to talk about the, ‘cosmic body’.

The cosmic body is the body for the soul. The life time we spend on Earth, the deeds which we carry out, we are actually manufacturing the cosmic body for our soul. If we stay on the path that will lead us to the Creator, that is carrying out good deeds, being kind to other people and the creations on this planet like animals, then we will have a colourful cosmic body; otherwise the negative deeds we do will result in an imperfect and corrupted body.

To make sure this does not happen, we should be careful in every aspect of our lives. These are;

  • Behaviour
  • Give charity
  • Salaat (Pray)
  • Kindness
  • Generous
  • Love
  • Conduct
  • Choice of words
  • Cherished
  • Educate and enhanceour knowledge

The list above will greatly increase a person’s chance of receiving an excellent body when we die and go to the next spiritual zone, which is Araaf or purgatory.

In this world we use a body of flesh and bones; this will be discarded when we die. In the next zone, our cosmic body will be made out of light. Each good deed will absorb into the cosmic body in a form of beautiful lights, enriched with new knowledge for that next zone.

You have done well by reading the material at night, keep this going as it will open the drawers in your mind and make channelling easier.

All knowledge is within.

Your mother, who is inspiring your actions, to receive a most colourful cosmic body.