Session 083 - Scattered Consciousness


Hello Son,

For decades we have been satisfied with our limited mind by only using 10% of it. Besides we have been living in the material world that never needed to dwell on things. Sadly, we all go lost in the system of making money and keeping ourselves far too busy to realise that there is another consciousness.

Our mind, like our thoughts, has been scattered and continuously churning good or bad or even reckless ideas, which even we are not able to decipher. Such has been the daily activity of churning out thoughts that sometimes made sense to carry a project out into fulfilment.

This is common in third dimensional thinking and living in this chaotic and stressful world. This duality consciousness is soon to finish as we move into the realm of oneness. The 5D consciousness is the God consciousness; where thoughts are all focused and not scattered or confused.

As soon as we move into this new cycle, we will automatically rid ourselves of all the stressful and miscellaneous items that used to clog the brain and households. There will be no hoarding but using the items or demands at an instant, rather than collecting or buying things to keep up with the times.

The one consciousness is the same consciousness of the Creator, it is refined and pure of healing properties that causes endless ripples to circulate and be absorbed by everyone. The Creator created all things at an instant with the commands of the universe and laws He manifested into the cosmos.

When the planet too ascends its conscious state will resonate as our own. We will freely indulge in each others energies. As there will be no competition, that plagued this world, everyone will live freely without tension or worries.

This one conscious is a focused and refined state of pure and nourishing thoughts as excitement and happiness will run through the energies.

We can achieve this right now if we meditate and focus our thoughts to a single point or that of the Creator. Continuous practice is needed to benefit this that was made compulsory to all the Prophets of the past.

Many around the world are feeling the benefits of the one state of consciousness and are feeling a lot less stressful then they have been previously.

Your mother on the one conscious God consciousness, mankind has to achieve.