Session 082 - Living the truth


Hello Son,

Everyone reading these words are thinking seriously about ascension, which is commendable. But too many people have simply stopped and just waiting for things to happen; by doing this you have ignored your own routine and responsibilities.

We forget that there others around you who need your help in running there normal lives. This can be in the work place, as a parent, as an advisor and so on. A lot is dependent upon you.

Living your normal lives and being in the ‘now’, is telling the truth that you want to ascend and giving a better chance to follow your example. By just sitting there and doing the bare minimum is not favourable in the eyes of the Creator.

The truth in this world is taking part in the challenges and the good times too. We remind you all that living is but a cycle of learning and especially learning from each other.

Every event in life we can easily learn and better ourselves in character and pure thought.

Ascension is a refinement of one qualities and igniting the flame within our hearts. Moving into the 5D conscious state is bliss only when we have fulfilled the duties to the best our abilities in the third dimensional world.

Do not stop and give up or be apathetic about your own personal journey or those around you. Keep the excitement fresh in your minds and keep reminding yourselves of the big picture in 2012.

Your mother living the truth by living and not giving up.