Session 081 - Dimensional changes of the mind


Hello Son,

As the outcry against corruption and greed is heard all around the world; man once again are thinking without being pressured.

A huge awakening is happening in stages, did we not say that these months are sacred.

A dimensional change is happening to everyone who wishes to ascend and move forward their journey into the next realms. Cells inside the body are opening and everyone is making decisions that will affect your lives.

These decisions are making a change in the material world and letting go of things that do not nourish the body or yourselves. Most are able to stand up and do something.

There is hope and happiness that soon we will not have to wait any longer, as ascension is at the door stop for many people. Be patient and let things happen; there is much order in the Creators work. He knows what is best for us.

Those minds that are free know the contentment they feel everyday; as they have let go and left everything up to the Creator to sort out. The left and right brain are beginning to work slowly together. The dormant 90% of the spiritual brain is awakening. Soon realisation and wisdom will flood in as the switch on is soon upon us.

The chemical and electrical changes in the brain are increasing due to the vibrational changes due to ascension. Most are unaware but it is happening daily.

No more to the average person using just 10% of his mind. The Creator is restoring the mind back to full capacity.

Your mother on announcing the start of the restoration of the mind.