Session 080 - The New Body


Hello Son,

In our lifetimes we have spent so much time acquiring things and spending our hard earned cash. If we pause for a moment and think about what we have in our houses; we will realise that it is a considerable amount.

If we pause again and look back ten years, and think how much shopping we have done and how many items of clothing we have purchased too. A lot is the correct answer, from phones, T.V and electrical items included we have spent considerably.

This is quite normal to do so as the third dimensional world is all material and we would not be able to survive. There is nothing wrong in this as it was necessary.

The new body in the fifth dimension does no need all this; in fact very little is the best to describe this. The body once we ascend will be much lighter and easy to manage. The possessions we have will have no value, as they were only useful to us in this material world.

Remember in the fifth dimension we will use our thought to manifest and acquire things; and the new world will be the end of suffering. We not need to spend endless hours working in an environment where we were not happy. Doing jobs that left us in a robotic mind and never enriched us.

We have to admit that during parts of our lives those emotions play a big role; so many times we have been confused and upset. This is only for the third dimensional material world.

In the fifth we will be swimming in happiness as the mind will switch over at an instant, and everything will make sense. With the lighter body, we will not get tired but have endless energy to enjoy our heaven on earth.

With no stress and no worries or even emotional pain, we will age very slowly. We will simply pursue the things that manifest in our minds. The new body will be made in as a piece of perfection; because you deserve this and for your patience over the years and moments of your lives.

This is your reward, embrace it and let go of thinking about buying more, when we are going to leave it all behind.

Your mother preparing you of your new body to come.