Session 079 - Focus on Ascension


Hello Son,

We must all choose it and ask for it in our hearts. This also includes thinking about it and let the excitement take over.

This is easy as it sounds and is not difficult to think about. For example, it is like wanting something that you actually make the effort of getting up and doing something about it. When you finally achieve what you originally thought off, then the final satisfaction is so sweet. We have had plenty examples of these in our lives.

By focusing on ascension, the energies associated with this, will accelerate inside of you and activate the cells too. We all have to except that some are more awake than others due to the fact that they are doing something about it.

It is up to you what and how you prepare yourselves. Some have said to me that they have been reading most of their spare time and others meditating. Both are excellent ways of preparation as you will be spending some of your time on a positive vibration in ascension.

This is also focusing and making your mind if you want to be part of the process of the planet and ascend. Lets all be thinking about this seriously as some will soon realise that the time is closer than you think.

By thinking about it you will cause a ripple around you that will cause others to absorb and perhaps change their minds. Some will decide that they do not want to make any changes at all; we will have to respect their wishes and let them carry on with their lives. The Creator will look after these people as He has done this for many of millions of years and regardless of there creed and belief systems.

Personally I cannot wait and hope you are all excited as I am.

Your mother; informing of the next energy wave, that will ripple through the planet, to aid in ascension and activating the 5D mind consciousness.