Session 078 - Expansion of the ‘I AM’


Hello Son,

Victory is yours when the ego is gone. Each moment of confusion is your emotion denying what is true.

The truth is letting go of your own opinions and admitting that there is another superior soul know with its connection with the I AM presence of the Creator. For He is the one that will show and guide you to a consciousness to

Manifest the I AM in the mind, body and soul complex and the ego will be no more. Let the emotions that are stopping you be no more and excite the energies that are infinite.

The I AM is a perfection of absolute knowledge and infinite. Trade this with your ego and let go of all the stubbornness. Accept all as your equal including all he religions, creed and beliefs.

The world is full of beautiful people who like yourselves want the best for themselves and their loved one. Throw away the ego and start working together in harmony.

You are most wanted in the world and every help is a help to all of mankind. The Love that ripples through will reverberate over and over across the globe. Destroy this ego and let the energies of I AM manifest each and every cell.

Accept a higher you and nothing else, be the victor against your ego. Ignore the whispers that flames the ego and start working in harmony. Enjoy life to the full even when it becomes difficult to do so.

Embrace the I AM energy and win the victory of ascension. Let the soul start its journey back to the source.

Your mother; embracing the ‘I AM’ energy daily, every second of the day.