Session 077 - Spiritual Evolution


Hello Son,

It is your right to find out more about yourself, where you came from and where the journey ends.

We are aware that a big awakening is almost here and the soul journey is a beginning. The quest to learn more is opening up inside of and this desire is part of you awakening.

Some people think that this awakening is the end, but know there will be further awakening in consciousness down the spiritual path. Each time it becomes easier as the desire once opened will not quench your thirst. It is why so many of you are reading everyday.

The true greatness in you will open up and finding your true potential and what you are capable of will simply blow you away. You will learn that all thought will come into existence and manifest in front of your eyes.

The first true spiritual journey has commenced and you are the one chosen for your strength and character. The soul has too wanted to be is this time period to ascend, if you only knew.

Each time you read, it will open the knowledge, instinct and further awareness. As the weeks go by, you will understand like never before and it will all make sense each time. There is no going back as you ‘know’; the secret is internally inside of you.

Your consciousness does not age like the body, but lives further as part of a journey through another realm. The body may decay but we will keep our identity and memories and experiences.

It is said ‘silence is golden’, it truly is as we block the world from all its emotions and live in the stillness.

Live every day and enjoy the moment, good or bad. Keep the desire and ignite the flame of love between others and nature. Despair dampens the flame.

Your mother the quest is lit inside every one of you; bless you all.