Session 076 - Preparations


Hello Son,

Our team of Ascended Masters, who have been given permission to carry this program of events until ascension, are making our final preparations.

There are limitless probabilities of events that have to take into consideration as more and more people are waking up. Another consideration is your prayers, we are listening and rest assure we will take everything into effect.

The preparations involve are huge team of angels and other extraterrestrial beings from another planet who have volunteered to aid the cause. They are really excited and keen to help.

They are from a higher dimension and use telepathy as their main cause of communication. However, they can speak all the earth languages; they will use this to communicate with you.

The dark lords are aware of this and trying to confuse and give false information. There plans will fall flat on their faces and there is nothing they can do as we are totally aware and anticipate every action they are going to carry out. They will not succeed.

Preparations require all of you to stay calm and let the Ascended Masters complete there carefully organised plan to take place.

Some of you are becoming increasingly aware of the event as your minds are opening up. Instinct, perception and knowing is coming natural to you. Did we not say that the months of September, October and November are sacred. These are the first wave of acceleration of mind frequencies that are opening up the synapses of the brain and your DNA activation.

Your mother until the next cycle of events and be assured we will keep you informed.