Session 074 - The New Age


Hello Son,

We are now entering a phase in time of great unrest and at the same time complete harmony.

If we look around the world the demonstrations from one country to another is increasing as mankind awakens further. There is great hostility against governments as even making a decent living for oneself is becoming increasingly difficult. People are simply fed up as they rise against and march forward onto the streets.

The charade of the dark lords is fizzling away after another plan to destabilise an average person fails yet again.

The human consciousness is now entering another phase of evolution as he rises higher than ever to achieve its aim of full consciousness. His instincts and even boldness are increasing; his ability to combat fear is becoming apparent; as he knows inside what he is doing is right.

Mans vibrations are increasing so rapidly, people around the world are noticing the change and in others too. Yet they still fully do not understand these changes.

We remind you of the purpose of life are to know and understand the mind of the Creator and why he sent us down to this planet. This can only be successfully achieved if we establish any contact with him to ask for ourselves, the aims of our life.

Rest assure as more are finding themselves and asking these questions. An awakening is happening and in phases people are waking up.

We suggest once again talking openly about these changes to your friends and do not fear of being ridiculed as the evidence is everywhere and man too wants changes in their lives.

Make friends outside of your normal circle and take a bold step forward in trust that you are forever being guided. The Creator is creating a heaven for you so do not forget this goal; yes it is sooner than you think.

Your mother suggesting you to awaken others in peace.