Session 073 - From sadness to dream


Hello Son,

The material circuses of emotions are not going to change as the majority of the collective consciousness has not exceeded above fifty percent.

With regret some of you are still trapped in a world where people around you are making your lives difficult. But remember this is only for a short while and let things dissipate away and it will get remember.

The bigger and most beautiful picture of the changing new world is almost here, so keep your dreams intact and get rid of the sadness.

In life we still have to make a considerable change to assure our minds that we are heading in the right direction. Remember the lessons and think positive as soon as you get out of bed. It is this positive approach that will raise your spirits up over the doom and gloom.

This world seldom gives us long term pleasure; however, ascension is guaranteed happiness as there will be no room for sadness only love and complete happiness.

Change your routine for those who are going through a difficult time or confused and want a change.

Remember by changing a few things different vibrations will be released into the surrounding and new wave of energies will come your way.

Do not despair any more we are coming you way soon.

Your mother; relive your dreams.