Session 072 - The Truth


Hello Son,

When we see and witness events and happenings we accept wholeheartedly as the truth.

This is what we call visual truth, as these events are witnessed by the eye, in this material realm.

When we add comment to what we see without exaggeration and give a precise outcome or statement, this is the material truth.

However, how do we accept the Creator when we cannot see with our material eyes? So there must be a missing link that incorporates the hidden, dream world.

We comfortably talk and read about the teachings brought down by Saints and Prophets; we marvel at their teachings and how they have inspired a generation of people in whole countries. They brought with them two types of truth; material and spiritual truth.

The material we have already discussed and are mostly aware of; but the spiritual truth is what is slowly being revealed to all of mankind; in current teachings (like this website) and further more once we become fully activated to the fifth dimension.

All hidden knowledge is the truth; we finally accepted that this world is but a step of an illusion, caused by the dark lords to create confusion and chaos. The true have learnt to by pass this and clear their minds to hear from their higher consciousness and through their third eye to see the truth.

Be assured we will all witness the truth sooner than you think; and immediately we will acknowledge the Creator.

The truth is out there waiting to be discovered for those who spend their time wisely. We suggest that you seek it out.

Your mother; urging you to try your utmost to see and hear the truth for yourselves.