Session 071 - Breaking routine


Hello Son,

Some people say to themselves that they have bad luck or things are always going wrong. But they do not think deeply to find the cause of the problem and the processes involved.

We in turn are stuck in routines that create the same thoughts and events.

For example, when we go shopping at the super market we go through the same way and buy mostly the same groceries as before. We are predictable as we think the same and do the same daily routine.

When we do this our thoughts are roughly the same too, hence the same outcomes are achieved in our lives. We should not complain as we have not made any real changes.

Break your routine and try to understand what ascension and moving up to the fifth dimension is all about. This is called progress and we should make progress whenever the opportunities arise. This creates a new wave of thought ideas and inspiration.

Even moving house inspires and reignites the mind to do something different. Thus creating a new wave of thinking; driving the man to achieve another goal is his life.

Remember the ripple effect we send around our area and the world; when we do the same thing over and over again, it becomes part of our vibrational pattern of the body. You are sending the same energies unless changes are made.

Mankind do not worry we are guiding you all who read these words to create an energy that will disintegrate the chaos within our minds; into a new wave of vibrations that will nourish each of you.

Your mother who awaits your return to the fifth dimension.