Session 070 - Alignment


Hello Son,

For so long the dark lords of this world have been using our energies to align themselves. When we fear or be negative they are happy as this gives them strength. The world they have orchestrated is but an illusion based on keeping mankind under intense tension and of course fears.

Most inventions have kept mankind busy and dissatisfied. Think about what you have and how quickly you have exchanged it or disposed of it to get another one. Society has been in this downward spiral for years and we think that we are happy.

How can this be when most are fed up of our lives when at home we have the latest technologies? They are worthless, simply made to keep mankind busy and restless, if only we knew.

Our lifestyles have made it easy for the dark lords to run their plan for years. But we must now align ourselves to the correct source.

This source and the correct alignment is the higher consciousness which is also the mission for the planet. The planet has been waiting for a long time to align with mankind so that it can ascend to with the galaxy.

Everything we do, we must first align with the higher consciousness; otherwise we create all the wrong emotions and feed the dark lords these negative energies based around fear.

“Oh mankind learn and understand quickly and ascend with the planet and receive the reward.”

Make your lives full of happiness, love and light. It is this light that resides within is waiting for you to turn the switch, through meditation.

Your mother requesting that you align with the higher consciousness.