Session 069 - Making a mark


Hello son,

Ascension is about yourselves, it does not matter what the other person is doing, it is about you. Everyone needs to accept from their hearts that the planet and mankind are going to ascend together in love and harmony.

The role you play is vital to speed the process and live the dream of the fifth dimensional realm. This realm is the end of suffering and is the reward for living in this third dimensional realm of difficulties and emotional upheaval. This will end soon and we can all party along with the rest of mankind.

To make a mark we need to carry on with our lives but positively and emanating our vibrations to the rest of the people around us. As we send our ripples of energies through the earth others will pick up and absorb this positive energy.

Without you this ascension cannot happen, and you are the missing link in this process. Do not despair but be positive as soon as you wake up.

Invest quality time on yourselves and for preparation as instructed in the lessons given earlier in the week. You all deserve this so carry on as normal.

Your mother live the dream now.