Session 068 - Dreams or nightmares


Hello son,

Ascension is about cleansing the emotions and past memories. The mind is like a library of information going as far you can remember. We can recall any memory at an instant as it is stored in our minds.

When we go to sleep the mind from time to time replays some of these memories as a dream. Sometimes we have really exciting dreams or even nightmares.

When we have a nightmare it is important to remember it is only a memory that is replaying and it is not worth trying to work out the meaning. The best advice to give is that the mind is coming to terms of the event and wants to release it from its library.

The approach to adopt is excitement and actually telling yourself that you are letting go of all the bad memories from your mind. It is like a cleansing of the mind.

So when we have a good or bad dream we should adopt the same approach. This attitude maintains the harmony of the mind and body and gives you a positive start of the day.

Once we forget to do this and start answering why we had a nightmare, it could be hours before we can relax. The shock can easily upset someone for hours; learn to let go and release all the tension.

Remind readers that the next two months are emotionally challenging for some; only if we dwell on the problems too long. Just enjoy each state of emotion; whether it is good or bad.

Your mother releasing the emotions is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.