Session 067 - Raising the vibration of the planet


Hello Son,

For this to happen, for ascension to be on time and not be delayed is dependent on you. Your vibration and the rest of mankind must be raised to a higher frequency as all of you are feeding the planet.

Every emotion sad or happy is released to the atmosphere and circulates around the area and then to the world. If we all feel fear at the same time, then that is the message the planet will absorb. We remind you ascension can only happen through love, harmony and peace in most of mankind’s consciousness. Then every one can ascend in the correct frame of mind.

We remind readers that the lesson we gave to you is essential for the raising of the planets energies and frequencies. We suggest that you do not forget these.

Spend most of your time in cleansing the mind and doing happy things that will promote the area and the people around you. We remind you of the ripple effect that will grow to become a huge wave that will circulate around the world.

Do something positive that will raise the frequency of the area and promote harmony amongst yourselves and others. Stay away from people who create arguments over little and petty things. They will not listen and only create havoc around others too. There minds are closed and only the Creator knows what is best for them; so do not show pity but concentrate on yourselves.

You are all the light of the planet, illuminating the darkness around every corner of the world. Your collective energy will reverberate over and over again around the planet gaining strength as it moves along.

Never feel that you are alone, but there are others who will surely meet up in the fifth dimensional realms; where like people will excel further spiritually.

Raise the vibration of the planet and receive the reward from the Creator.

Your mother; paving the way to success.