Session 066 - Light and Darkness


Hello Son,

Can you see in the dark? Not very well is the complete answer. This analogy can be said when we are unaware of something and totally ignorant. But this does not to be like this all the time.

Most of mankind are still asleep and need to awake for ascension to happen to them. It is all our duties to direct them to the correct path. There are so many websites for ascension and awakening or 2012. Yet some still ridicule the event as nonsense, but we must still persevere.

Light is knowledge and it is also knowing about something. Knowledge also educates a person in making the right decision.

Light also illuminates the cells and activates the DNA. We have already discussed in earlier sessions how we can light up our bodies through meditation. But most of all we gain further insights into the Creators understanding on the knowledge of the universe. There is never enough knowledge to learn, it is like a drop in the ocean; this is how vast the knowledge is.

To make progress in this field we must be dedicated each day to set time for training our selves in spirituality. We suggest as much time as possible, but some days could become difficult due to family commitments; but try your best.

October and November, are going to be an acceleration in light energies coming to earth. This is the time not to stop learning but to learning more.

Remember light illuminates the darkness within our minds, we begin to understand and can easily explain to others; thus illuminating them too. But darkness creates no illumination as there is no understanding so we become further away from our goals or ascension.

To know is to wake up to the truth.

To sleep is to miss out on knowing and staying stagnant, and we all know what happens to water in this condition, it goes bad.

Your mother; seek the light and awake others to the secret of the truth.