Session 065 - Collective consciousness


Hello Son,

Have you ever thought why every one goes to work at almost the same time; then we see cars packing the roads and people shopping in the afternoon.

They are all examples of peak time when miraculously we seem to do the same thing; this is collective consciousness.

Now there is another wave of collective consciousness that is sweeping the world and this we are more familiar with, termed ‘awakening’. Millions of people around the world are slowly waking up to the truth and finding about how they can raise their consciousness to the fifth dimensional realm.

This awakening is happening due to the ripple effect causing a wave to go around the world and catch anyone in its wake. When we think about something we automatically send signals and vibrations out into the world. Then society begins to catch these signals and begin to do the same thing.

If society thinks positively about ascension in 2012, then we will send an enormous wave of collective thinking around our area of the world; as more and more people are thinking on the same lines.

A simple example is when a person smiles, people often then will smile back. Even better when we smile in a packed room, multiple people would smile back as we begin to feed into this energy. The same response is achieved when we do things together in vast numbers.
Mankind should be thinking positively and in excitement about the changes, now and in 2012.

Let it flow and trust the Creator for he knows what is best.

Your mother sharing the dream of mankind for all to enjoy.