Session 064 - New insight


Hello Son,

As the days go by, you will feel an increase in confidence as your mind begins to open. This is due to the increase in energies which are flooding into the planet prior to ascension.

Confidence will then lead to understanding as new insight into everyday things will click into place. Slowly but surely you will feel this understanding like no other. You will even question yourselves why did you not see that before? This is directly linked to your higher DNA strands that are opening and becoming active.

As this is happening and your new found understanding, we advise all to revisit book1 and read them with an open mind. With new perception you will find inspiring reading and again understanding the sessions with new light. Then carry on reading through the books.

Some of you are already doing this which is commendable and your spiritual growth is increasing because of this. Do not allow negative vibes disturb your moment of peace when you start reading; in each session focus on the main message and try to adopt this in your every day lives.

As you read, close your eyes for a short moment and feel the silence and stillness inside your mind and all over your body. Feel that peace spread all over your body, tingling in every part you focus on.

As you open your eyes, recognise that peace is yours and that the material world is just a stepping stone to the fifth dimension. Recognise that you have now entered a new era which will open into other time lines into a heaven on earth never experienced by any other. Recognise too that, that moment is coming soon as you awaken further and begin to understand. Feel the expansion of your mind as instinct changes to knowing then into knowledge and further understanding.

Your mother requesting that you read through the books and are continuously inspired.