Session 063 - Floating world


Hello son,

We remind you that the bigger picture is coming soon, and releasing the reality we live in is essential to move to the fifth dimension.

Millions around the world are having unusual experiences as they come to terms with their soul or higher consciousness. For some it is an exciting moment, for others it is hugely disappointing to realise that the world is not what it seems to be. But once these feelings are put aside we can experience new things as we come into contact with our real self.

The body we reside in is not our real self but a vessel for the third dimension in habituating this world. The real body is our soul or spirit that freely floats around other dimensions when we sleep.

If we consciously realise this our path to ascension will accelerate; as we will begin to let go of the attachments or material things that weigh us down. The fifth dimension is like a floating world free of any emotional baggage. It is the very reason and important to spend as much time as possible in developing the right frame of mind to ascend. This means slowly detaching ourselves from the material world at regular times. This does not mean we neglect our duties as parents or with family.

Once we have acknowledged that our real self is not the body we reside in, we must now release all the fear and anxiety inside of us. If we analyse in minute detail and ask ourselves what we are afraid of, one of the answers will be about money.

The dark entities have led to believe that money is all important in life and having none will cause hardship, embarrassment and hunger. This is what they want you to believe. But no, it is the Creator who feeds you and takes care of your daily requirements, we remind you.

We gave this example as this is appropriate for these times of chaotic expenditure. However, whatever your fear is except this as a third dimensional thinking.

I repeat these words again; fear is only part of third dimensional thinking; so except it without feeling disappointed with yourselves.  I too and many billions of people around the world have all felt fear in their lives. But it is time to say to yourself “this is not me but the third dimension I live in”.

When we begin to understand this, then we can slowly free our minds and begin to float freely around the world.

Your mother with great delight that all of you reading these words are beginning to understand the illusion we live in. I present you with scented flowers, they are so beautiful.