Session 062 - Multiplying DNA


Hello son,

In October and November for some of you the higher DNA strands will become activated and will resonate with the higher frequencies of the planet.

Mankind can easily speed up this activation by following the lessons we have suggested to you and staying away from those who doubt.

These exciting times we have promised you are soon coming to pass. We have not mentioned to you that the whole universe is going through this transformational change and the universe too will resonate with this new vibration.

When the new DNA begins to be activated we will pick up energies from the far corners of the universe. This will give way to a new super brain powered by refined vibration that is unpolluted. Did I not say these are exciting times before?

When this happens we will remember our lost potentials and hidden abilities, we never new we had. With our discovered mind things will click into place and the difficulties we experienced in life will mean nothing as the celebrations will begin.

Those who are aware we are already going through a DNA upgrade, for some it has happened earlier. Mankind will wake up like a ripple that never fades away but builds up momentum.

Rest assure those who ridiculed you in your lives will be left behind as your positivity will multiply exponentially and the explosion of the DNA strands.

Higher spiritual abilities will be given to you gradually; as there will be teachers to guide you in how to use them.

Your mother pleased to announce this activation coming to mankind.