Session 061 - Life’s challenges


Hello son,

Everyday brings situations where we have to react accordingly and sometimes our emotions can suffer.

Do not let yourself feel down as you are trying to carryout and follow the lessons we are giving you. Just remember to go back to your normal self of being patient and being careful how you conduct yourself verbally.

The Creator still wants you to give you the trial’s of life and its challenges. There are lots to learn before ascension and remember we will take the memories and experiences with us.

Sometimes you feel insignificant and nothing is really working out; let me reassure you that a ripple can take momentum and build into a major current. So do not put yourself down. The Creator sees all and hears all and gives good measure all that you do. Every little thing of goodness will be counted and multiplied hundreds of times; this is the reward for your patience.

There are plenty examples in life where patience and courage has led to ultimate rewards. The evidence is in the writer of these words who had to overcome personal failures but now is seeing the light; this is the reward from the Creator for his patience.

Smile, because you are going through a wonderful moment in the history of this planet. Yes your spirit volunteered to reincarnate at this time to see all the changes. It may seem chaotic, but in this madness there is order and change going on in the world.

Soon ascension will be taking place and the beginning and birth of a new planet and endless energies to tap into.

The confusion will soon disappear in your minds and all will be revealed to you. Be patient my dear ones and keep on believing yourselves. Each day you are making history. The Creator will elevate you for all the hardships you have to face in your lifetimes. For some of you these experiences will be told for centuries. The life stories and all its difficulties will be heard by others and will inspire to be like you.

Your mother valuing your life as a precious time capsule.