Session 060 - Protective shield


Hello son,

Mankind is still trapped with things that lure us away from our true path of enlightenment. The misguided ones are no help as they are totally lost in the material game. They have become like robots and do there daily job and go home and back to work the next morning. They have made little time for themselves to grow spiritually.

So many people around the world have simply forgotten the Creator and are stuck into routines that do not expand their mind or consciousness.

Life is still chaotic as we come into contact with a variety of emotions and religious beliefs. We simply find it difficult to get along with people as they too are finding life far too challenging.

Mankind needs to have a protective shield around them to protect from harm and most importantly evil thoughts, arguments and dead end routines that lead us no where.

Remembering the Creator is like having a protective shield around us. This is because we let go of the material world and into the realm of the Almighty Creator. His realm is all positive and negativity does not exist.

Mankind we suggest to protect yourselves think or spend as much time as possible remembering the Creator. He is our only protection from all ills of the material world.

Your mother who guides only the true path.