Session 059 - Wonders of the Creator - Lesson 4


Hello son,

We easily forget how incredible all the creations put together are. They are in an ecosystem for mankind to enjoy; yet do we regularly give thanks?

This lesson is about gratitude for everything we come into contact with. Saying thank you regularly increases our vibration and pleases the Creator.

All around us are filled with wonders that are still inspiring to all who really take note. If we had a task of making a tree from our intellect, we would never achieve this. If we spent a hundred years we still would not achieve this miracle from the Creator.

There is nothing that mankind can do with out his help. The Creator continuously gives us advice and inspiration every second of the day; without this we cannot even lift a spoon without his help. Even thinking something is not an easy task without his help. Mankind takes things for granted and accepts that life is made for him.

Yes, it is, but it is time to be grateful and increase our gratitude each day.

The world is changing, most of all mankind’s ascension of the consciousness too. This change is full of compassion and worthy of praise. The Creator has ordained and ordered the changes to take place. We suggest that you give thanks for this.

The end of misery and suffering, mankind will ascend to the highest realms once again and we live in heaven on earth.

Even the Creator is looking forward to this change, because he too wants to see mankind happy again.

Praise to the Creator who never shunned mankind away, but kept his word to the end.

Praise again to the Creator who is ascending mans consciousness and guiding him to his knowledge.

Praise to the Creator who loved and showed his mercy when we denied him.

Your mother who praises the Creator daily and suggests that you should do as well.