Session 057 – Refinement - Lesson 3


Hello son,

Approach each day with a positive attitude and say it is going to be a great day and then smile. Believe in this affirmation and if you have to say this several times a day then do so.

Now think of the bigger picture in your life and where you are going, as the rewards are huge in the near future. It is the best interest for everyone to control your thoughts and create consistency in the thinking.

Whether you are thinking good or bad it is still coming from your mind, every second of the day. We suggest that our thoughts be good most of the time as this replenishes lost energy including the energy burnt in worrying or stressful situations.

By refining our personality and understanding our emotions we can link the spirit with the higher consciousness. We remind our readers that an overloaded mind only weighs down the spirit and pollutes every aspect of the body.

Learn to forgive yourselves from the past and in everyday conversation with others. This is not the time to hold grudges with someone. Let go and set yourselves free from tension and worry.

Once you have trained your self to this, peacefulness will embrace your body and lightness will be felt. The ‘clogness’ in your mind will diminish and concentration and memory will return once more.

The change from the old self to the new self will be apparent and you will thank yourself that you made the effort to calm your thoughts.

Your mother. Let peace and harmony enter the mind and let the higher consciousness embrace you all. The Creator will make light of your efforts and supports you in every step that you take.