Session 056 - The higher path


Hello son,

Those who follow the path and have been following the guidance given to you are now feeling a change in themselves. This change is of independence.

Through your compassion and kindness in life, streams of light have been steadily building up inside of you. The cells which contain the spiritual knowledge that has been hidden away for so long are now transferring to your translator, in the mind.

Divine order is being restored inside the mind, body and soul complex. Soon they will function together as it was meant to be in the beginning of time.

This higher path is slowly opening up and soon you will find a new independence than ever before. As you will be making decisions that the universe will comply with. The fabric of space will bow down to your commands.

Every Holy Book has said Man is the best of all the Creations that title will never be second best to anything. Now Man will be able to stand tall and be counted again as the best in knowledge.

For so long you have walked the path alone in life and now your unity in the connection of the higherself and higher consciousness will guide you through the next phase. In confidence you will be able to thread the next adventure in your lives.

Your mother soon everything will be revealed to you.