Session 055 - Function of the mind


Hello son,

The function of the mind is to act as a guide in every decision and every step in life. This is the moment and the moment is now as the alignments of the planets are taking place, vibrational changes in the body are increasing.

We instinctly know and our instincts are increasing all the time and reaching its peak, in this first phase, at 11-Nov-2011 (11-11-11). The alignment is nearing perfection between the conscious and subconsciousness of the mind. Soon some will be using your minds like never before. A harmony never understood but soon all your answers will be revealed to you.

Depending on your thoughts and your own personal goals, you will activate the mind according to your own interest and will be able to seek the knowledge as you desire. Some will open further next year when the next wave of awakening takes place.

The Creator is the best at planning and knows what is right and does not want further pressure to yourselves. So pursue in faith and belief.

WE suggest dear readers to take advantage of this alignment and activate the mind through meditation and silence. The opportunity at this current time is simply golden.

The function of the mind, from the beginning of time, was to act as a personal guide for your own lives. As the material world became too tempting we simply lost our way and lost this sacred connection with our higherselves.

The Creator through his mercy has turned this around and once again giving back the treasures of life through His knowledge. He has kept His promise and advises all not to make the same mistake again.

Capture this moment and follow the lessons given to you earlier and be positive all throughout the day. Keep visualising the dreams you wish to see in the new world. Practice daily that promotes good attitude and hence increase the vibrations of your body. Accept that this is the process of organising your mind and there is no other better than this. Do not allow the disease of the ego overrule any perfect decisions made.

This is the structure of the mind for the future into the new world. To have perfect free flowing thoughts and not hindered by negativity will pave the way for a dream to be fulfilled into the fifth dimension.

Your mother in a perfect state mankind will be set forth into the fifth dimension, the Creator’s promise.