Session 054 - Changing planet


Hello son,

There has been a lot of activity on the internet as many of you assumed that a catastrophe would occur yesterday or today. Some even were certain and published there own version.

The Creator would like it made clear that a date given by anyone cannot be accurate as He is the one who knows the exact time and place. It is up to the Creator if He wishes to postpone any event and He has done so.

The pole shift has already been postponed twice, from 1992 then 2002 and we wait for the event again.

Mankind accepts the changes to the atmosphere, planet and consciousness. The changes are necessary to promote the ascension process and where further progress can be made. Do not live in fear and anxiety, the Creator wants all of you to focus on your selves.

We have suggested that meditation of the heart and raising ones frequency is the best tonic for the body. Stress and worry will slow down any progress and leave you confused.

Mankind keep away from news that makes you anxious and read positive and happy news. The dark lords are still in power but they are diminishing as many have left or even past away. Do not play their games, by worrying.

Readers continue with your lessons and start the day with a positive thought and say to yourselves it is going to be a great day. Keep this focus in mind every day.

Your mother reassuring you all that the Creator wants to preserve life and your reality.