Session 052 - Decision making - Lesson 2


Hello son,

In the previous channelling we encouraged all our readers to activate their minds by being positive and doing positive things. We now like all of you to make a decision which is a target for yourselves. If you feel bold then make two targets, however one to start with will do.

This is all to encourage you to use your thoughts and create a desire that the universe will have to give forth what you want.

Let’s use a simple example, create a need in your mind, like a gift you want from someone or someone to bring you one. Keep this in your mind and most of all believe it.

My personal example, many years ago, I was reading. I thought I am not going to stop reading until someone brings me some food. So I carried on for some while, then a friend came and bought with him a couple of pastries. When your motives are genuine and based on sensible request, the universe via the Creator will entertain and fulfil your desire.

This lesson is to promote the power of thoughts and how we can use them to get things done. We remind you in the next realm of fifth dimensions, those who will accelerate their learning will use thoughts.

It is advisable to think of what you want and keep thinking about it. Now depending on the request, this could happen in a few hours or it will happen in a week depending on what you want.

On occasions the Creator will inspire you from unorthodox ways. For example, you could be watching television and then suddenly an idea could pop up in your head. This is a sign for you to do for fulfilling the request you had in your mind.

In other words, keep an open mind to receive signs from anywhere.

Remember the aim is to use our minds and thoughts to get something done or want something. Be patient, believe and be patient.

Your mother preparing all for ascension.