Session 051 - Activate the mind - Lesson 1


Hello son,

We accept that emotions play a major part of our lives; often we act upon these impulses to achieve our aim. Regardless of the result we are active in this thought process.

If we wish to be among the fifth dimensional people we need to activate the mind to positivity.  In the next dimension, thoughts become our actions more rapidly then ever before. The realm will be filled of positive people and negativity does not exist. However, we accept that not everyone will be at this level so they will be taught how to nearer the time and during/after ascension. But why wait; it is time to switch on the mind to reflect a positive outlook in everything you do, no more doom and gloom or uncertainty; as this feeds the disease in the mind.

By being positive as soon as you wake to the end of the day, happy thoughts will race through your mind and thoughts will not be so draining. We are constantly feeling lethargic for this reason and sometimes dejected. This is our approach to the day, which is incorrect. Just by setting a mood which is positive the whole outlook of the day will change. This is because you will attract positive people or even yourselves will feed the environment with this mood.

Once this approach is done regularly, the mind and your thoughts will be different. This will also replenish all your cells in the body and activate the mind to positivity. As time goes by your outlook and approach to life will change and the people around you will also change.

Jealousy, competition and greed will have on room in the mind as it will mean nothing comparing to being happy. Your life will be worth living and hold value.

Activate this approach on a daily basis and be patient and remember the reward of a beautiful life of heaven on earth in the fifth dimension. Nothing can compare as everyone will feel the same way and love of mankind and nature will be in the air.

Remember also the Creator has not forgotten you and asks for a little patience so the event will be ready for you.

Your mother preparing the way.