Session 050 - Inner peace


Hello Son,

Inner peace cannot be achieved if the life we live in is complicated. In some cases hectic, hurtful and chaotic.

However there is a way. We must understand to achieve success in finding ourselves, but first we must understand ourselves. These are common words repeated by many over hundred’s of years and still hold value to this day.

Let’s call our day to day affairs as our outer life; we need to understand the happenings and going on to progress into the inner life and then inner peace.

We must accept and even forgive the outer life we live in. It is not worth getting frustrated or even having arguments that cannot be solved. It is with great sadness that life has become too challenging. But let go, do not hold on to the thoughts that plague your mind. We have said these words on several occasions and they do hold immense value.

Accept and forgive your outer life and just get on with your life. There may be people around you who are bad tempered, difficult to get on with, selfish, not trustworthy or even too happy and exaggerate a lot.

Remember the Creator made all these people and they are all part of your life. We accept that life is a school and each day we learn from each other. If we approach this the same way and leave our personal opinions at the back of our mind, then we can move forward and into inner peace. Forgive them and accept they are different from you, not everyone is perfect.

Lead by example.

I applaud all those people who are doing this everyday of their outer life and continue to manage and move on with their lives.

Next is to forgive ourselves for the wrong, misunderstanding or even hurt we have given to others. It is time to move on as all these emotions are delaying your own progress into the fifth dimensional realm. They all carry weight and the spirit cannot and will not be able to lift all this emotional baggage. Let go and forgive yourself and others.

Once we have mentally accepted all these changes in our outer life, then we can sit down and meditate and concentrate on our inner peace. In silence, we can accept our inner peace through the heart. Our thoughts will be silenced as we let go of our outer life emotions. These caused chaotic thoughts that we could not release from our minds and on occasions stayed with us for the rest of the day or kept on for the whole week.

We now realise that our progress is being hindered because of our thoughts; it is no good blaming others. Create peace in your outer life by controlling the way you think. Acceptance and forgiveness is the best solution; once we can do this then we can say;

Thank you.

Your mother who accepted her own turbulent life, and in the middle of the night found her inner peace.