Session 049 - How negativity cannot exist


Hello Son,

In the fifth dimensional realm, negativity cannot exist as we move forward consciously, our thoughts become our manifestations. Imagine someone negative and he ascends into this dimension, he could cause a tear in the fabric of time and space which could amplify as the ripple floats through the air. This could cause others to be negative and the vicious cycle of negativity would start up again.

There is no room for negativity and pessimism; as positivity is only the emotion that culminates in every cell and bloodstream of a person who ascends. Would you trade misery for happiness? Everyone would and it is as easy as that.

While we shift through the cleansing of our minds, we will go through emotional baggage, freed from the depths of our hidden thoughts. They cannot exist in the next dimension and have to be released. Coming to terms with the grudges we have held for so long, have to be thrown out and replaced by forgiveness.

The love we carry hidden away in our heart, needs to be released into the atmosphere so that collectively, we amplify the surrounding into a wave of positivity. Your contribution in every step in life, causes the changes in the DNA of every single person around your area.

A ripple has been born and it carries on circling, until it is replaced by another with equal intensity. Like a smile in a classroom, others will start smiling back. In this case, it is nature that makes and receives the energies and connection from this very smile or ripple.

My readers, you are sorely missed, at last we have found you as you make your giant leaps into the fifth dimension. Don't let negativity and disillusionment plague the mind. It is time to speak about how you feel to others alike, as the ripple needs replacing with your positive thoughts.

We salute your contribution in life and the Creator has made the right choice once again for your existence at this sacred time of ascension.

Your mother in joy and happiness, I give you this message.