Session 048 - Constant state of awareness


Hello Son,

We accept that awareness is about being vigilant of what is going on, this includes our surroundings, personal life and the things that we do. We are aware constantly; otherwise we would be blind to the happenings of the world and would simply make decisions that lead to destruction, in all parts of our life. This is acceptable as a definition for this realm of third density consciousness. For this, mankind has done extremely well considering its turbulence in this emotional state.

Mankind must understand the constant state of awareness in the fifth and spiritual dimensions. It is a state with the Creator, where our thoughts no longer hold any meaning. We are simply lost and in awe when we mingle with the consciousness of the Creator.

We are in a state of silence and even dumbfounded, as words become inadequate to describe this state of awareness and His presence. When this encounter is achieved, we can only see the world as an observer and our judgements become lost, as they mean nothing.

As I type these words, I am totally lost, as I touch the vibration and encounter this state of awareness. I am so close that my words are lost and even finding letters to type these words become difficult. My mind is numb, but it is silence that I feel in my mind. This is a state of emptiness where nothing interferes with the conscious state which is best described as the mind of the Creator. I cannot feel anything but complete emptiness.

How can I read the mind of the Creator with these limited senses? If I could, I would need a translator for every word expressed.

But, I can feel the difference than before as I observe the world without judgements and my emotional state of peace and love. This is all I can do in this constant state of awareness in this realm. Even this, is some fete on its own.

There is a constant silence in my mind and it is peace that I am feeling and it reassures me as the world around me becomes lost and forgotten. It is heaven and I know that I have become closer to the Creator than ever before.

Will you not join me and feel this pleasure?

Your mother; in silence and inspired.