Session 047 - We are all connected


Hello Son,

Mankind fails to recognise that we are all connected to one source, which is of the Creator. Our emotions and sadness and even excitement, feed the environment we live in. Like a ripple in a wave it moves its way through the emotions of life; invisible to most of the people, but deadly to the sensitive.

On many occasions we have visited places and felt the atmosphere and even commented how boring such a place is or how excited you are to come to that place. We simply have tapped into the consciousnesses of everything around the area, hidden in its microscopic cells. It too emits a wave or ripple to its surrounding to feed the rest who visit.

We forget constantly that we are connected from one source, we all come from. Fed by the caring and merciful Creator who constantly advises with grace to look and find your way in life.

A person can hide himself from the world, thinking that he would be alone, but he too emits a ripple to feed the consciousness of the environment. He is never alone, because he too is the reason why others are alive as his energy feeds the environment we live in.

The Creator reminds you that you are never alone, but thanks you for giving life to people every second of the day, as your energy ripples are fed by everyone who gets in touch with them. You too are doing an immense service; I love you and thank you and wait for your return

Your mother and Creator; who awaits your return.