Session 045 - Path to oneness - Part 2


Hello Son,

When we realise the path that we should be taking and that there is nothing of true value on this world, only then we begin to understand our journey in life. Making ourselves realise, is that the path to the Creator is the only correct path.

This path starts within the heart; by understanding our desires and the drive we take to make things happen, is the same when we find the path to the Creator. By making the decision to return to the Creator in our life, our true guidance can then be revealed.

This pursuit has been made easier than ever before as mankind’s ascension is coming closer and closer. Once we realise our true aim and potential, the acceleration in learning is rapid.

The Creator will show His mercy and He will forget the pain and misfortunes that once plagued the mind, and help us to forget, completely. On some occasions, we will look back at the worst times of our lives, but we will not feel the pain anymore. Seldom do we give thanks to this mercy.

This path of oneness leads to the Creator and is the truth that is waiting to be revealed to us. Many, who are awakening right now, realise that many lies in this world have been told which have mislead us, by officials and the dark lords who ruled the world. But this is coming to an end as many begin to start their journey of awakening.

The Creator wishes to add that He has never forgotten you, when you were at your lowest and reduced to tears; He was there and He cried too. He then lifted you and gave you the strength to carry on. He realised it was the hardest thing to do and the burden was indeed heavy, so He stood by your side and lifted this heavy weight with you.

Whether you are a believer or not, He shows his mercy to all of mankind and He continues to do so in these sacred times. The Creator is crying out your name to join the path that many are taking to the fifth dimension and leaving the third stubborn dimensional path behind.

Will you then not join him and follow this path to the Creator?

Your mother who is delighted and reduced to tears on giving these sacred words of wisdom to you all, so that you too can give thanks to the Creator.