Session 044 - Path to oneness - Part 1


Hello Son,

The ascension process is a cleansing of the third dimensional beings on their journey to oneness and understanding the Creator.

With our limited intelligence in this turbulent realm we live in, we can never understand or communicate effectively with the Creator. This journey for all of mankind, is part of this exciting period we live in.

We remind you of our earlier channelling about the agreement with Adam, that during a time period, if he was willing to stay in this zone, then he would be raised to his full potential. The time is now and for some it is not coming quickly enough.

All around the world ascension will soon take place, not all at the same time, as the Creator is not willing to share any dates, so be patient. This is because so many are on different levels of awakening and there is a greater need for some to ascend for their safety.

We fail to understand that the Creator's will, is the higher will of our subconsciousness and we should let it guide us in every minute of the day. Then and only then, we can make accurate changes in our lives and not make decisions where we feel unsecure. This is quite common as if we leave our logic third dimensional mind to make judgements.

We have asked ourselves these questions many times over in our life, Why were we born? What is the purpose in our life? And what is my divine plan?

Once we realise our true divine plan and its purpose, then the Creator makes the resources available. He rewards not in small amounts but in heaps. The path of oneness begins in this material world when we begin to search our consciousness for answers. This is like a battle for the mind, as many begin this emotional journey that can lead to mix outcomes for us all. But it is this pursuit that the Creator sends his love to encourage the person not to give up.

Our failures in life, is wanting something else and not finding the Creator. How many times in our life we have searched for something material, like an ornament or something electrical or even a mobile phone, which is the common trend nowadays. Then realise later that we want to change it for something better. Later we go around with this meaningless cycle, thinking it will give us long term pleasure. Unfortunately the wants and needs of this material world are always short lived; eventually we get fed up, and start searching for something else.

We can open ourselves up to the divine guidance, which is all of mankind’s aim in life. From this awakening, we can then find our true path and meaning in life. When we have done this, the path of oneness leads only to the highest source and that is to the Creator Himself.

A worthy prize awaits for whoever seeks this path.

Your mother who made these first steps herself, too.