Session 043 - Question and another


Hello Son,

What shall we do now?

There are several things everybody should be doing. First of all, everyone should carry on as normal and not be carried away about the current uncertainties. Staying positive and hopeful as this will stand you in good stead. Promote the higher vibrations within you, for example, kindness, love, humility and being charitable. There are still plenty of things we can do to raise ones vibrations.

By being active and sharing energies around your environment circle for others to pick up, this is essential for our own personal development. Every positive ripple you send out to the environment will be caught by another and shared within them.

For example, your own personal influence around another can ignite the spark into activation and into the fifth dimension. It is why some people have awakened by your presence and doing meditation with you.

We suggest to others also do not limit yourselves but elevate into a higher vibration such that you too have a major influence around others. If this is not possible then remind yourself when you were happy and keep this focus throughout the days and weeks to come.

The environment we live in is changing; it is because so many people are emitting this positive vibration for others to digest into the personal self. You too are all emitting this vibration.

We remind you again to connect to your higher self as much as you can, to raise your vibration and keep this going. When we connect again and again to the higher consciousness we refine and keep retuning the connection. We suggest every reader to do this regularly each day.

Your mother who continuously connects to her own higher consciousness.