Session 042 - The heart ignition


Hello Son,

There is no doubt that the heart is the key to oneness and the spark that awakens the complete new body into the fifth dimension. Without this connection, we are simply still in the third dimensional mind and body. Mankind’s last journey is to listen in silence and make this connection.

We suggest to our readers and remind them again, the secret lies within the heart. To meditate in silence and listen to this inner voice that will guide and educate them to the steps of complete fulfilment. Man is running on empty and has dragged himself into the ground, but this is soon to end, as ordained by the Creator Himself.

The heart is a vessel full of secrets and knowledge beyond your wildest dreams. It is also the stumbling block from reaching the highest dimensional realm. It is full of the love of the Creator, a refined and highest energy that awakens every cell, when the ignition is sparked.

A decade ago most people would not have been able to tolerate the intensity of this vibration, but now, it is different. Over the years the Creator has made mankind stronger to tolerate His light. We are not weak but even stronger than we were before. It is why the dark forces are unable to influence you anymore. The strength you hold inside is now pure positivity. The dark ones are scared and hold no power when you are positive, so stay positive.

We remind you again to look within the heart for all your problems and answers that you seek, then listen, then listen again; until it speaks or calls out your name. These months, we speak again about the activation of the heart and the connection to the consciousness.

Meditate in peace and seek the desires which are in your hearts and you will find the answers.

Your mother reminding you again to look inside yourselves.