Session 041 - Dreams of past memories


Hello Son,

While you sleep, most of you have begun to realise that you are dreaming about events over a year or even a decade ago. Even though you were not thinking about them; some have wondered what this has been triggered by.

This is due to the cleansing of the conscious and subconscious memories that have been housed inside your mind. It is an automatic response from your higher self to make meaning or justification. From time to time, the memories are replayed again to be stored into the right drawer, so to speak.

As mankind has become wiser as the age goes by, the mind feels that the event needs to be stored in a different draw or part of the brain. Even though you are still unaware of the meaning; these dreams also include friends of the past.

As mankind is moving rapidly forward to the fifth dimensional thinking, their minds are changing and how it processes things too. You have to admit how wiser you have become and things are making sense more quickly than ever before. A few simple words can describe this and that is, ‘the evolution and progression of the mind’.

All dreams are never forgotten, but housed in the universal computer that houses them. As we have mentioned in an earlier channelling, that dreams are part of the Creator’s energy which is infinite and never depletes away. On occasions there is a re-run or reprocessing going on for interpretation.

This is happening to us all at this moment. It is part of the cleansing of all the consciousness. Any differences housed deep in the mind must be addressed and come to terms with. The next realm is about being free in the mind and not holding on to a grudge, over years ago.

We suggest that you make peace with yourselves and learn to forgive the people who have hurt you on the way. This is better for you and the mind.

Your mother reminding mankind that forgiving is a higher spiritual thinking.