Session 040 - The process of beginning


Hello Son,

The ascended masters of the past, and including myself have started our duties, what mankind and especially the ones who are awake, have been waiting for. It has begun and soon it will accelerate, the process has started for selection to the fifth dimension.

For so long we have planned the event in detail, to encourage and inspire mankind to the truth about ascension. It is near your door step and soon we will embrace each other in celebration.

The negative and the dark forces are quivering with fear. Their lies and deception will be no more and they will be rounded up, their fate lies with the Creator.

Meditate and give yourself to the Creator and believe and believe again. Every moment is precious; every step is sacred, so use the short time, wisely.

We advise you, the reader, to prepare yourselves for ascension by purifying your thoughts and embracing the people who you love. Spread humility and kindness wherever you go. The ripple effect will be amplified and soon the atmosphere will change. The environmental effect will affect others and they will feel the harmony too.

Can you feel yourselves flying? Soon you will so be patient; my special ones…smile….. For we are coming.

Your mother, the process is beginning and we wait for you to embrace the welcoming.