Session 039 - Wisdom vs. Falsehood


Hello Son

My dearest readers, stay away from those people who preach false and meaningless ideas. Who threaten all the things that you believe in and your goals in life. They simply do not see things your way; instead they begin to ridicule the things that you have set in your heart.

They only create mischief in the world, with their false words.

Wisdom in spirituality acts like a system of multiple beliefs in Knowledge of all known things. A person simply knows that he is doing the right thing. When we start arguing with a person that does not know, then it is you who is wrong. Patience and tolerance is the best approach instead of arguing away.

If you know better, then practice patience and hold faith that one day they will see it your way, so long as you are right in what you believe is true. Otherwise, it will backfire. These words have the same meaning in all of the Holy Scriptures in every religion.

Practice wisdom in every step you take for the rest of your lives. It is better for you and the people around you.

When I say wisdom, I mean character building and example of oneself to others.

You are tired.

Your mother, wisdom is knowing when doing the right thing so that no one gets hurt in the process.