Session 038 - Hold fast to what you believe


Hello Son,

Belief in this period of time is a hundred times more than a decade ago. This is because our foundation is beginning to be firmly set in stone and our roots in belief are beginning to germinate.

When someone who uses bad language against another or intimidates someone else against a person who believes, there will be no long term damage as before.

Faith together with firm beliefs makes a person strong and in some cases impenetrable.  Often we are able to dismiss the issue, after a small time. Yes we do get hurt but this is short lived as our mind quickly reverts back to positivity.

How can this happen so quickly?

Once the soul holds onto the rope that leads to the Creator, he/she is not going to let go. In other words, when the higher consciousness has found the connection with the self and is able to distinguish between right and wrong, then the person is not going to be upset over things.

He simply knows what is best for the mind, body and soul complex. Even if he is not consciously aware; the higher consciousness automatically feeds the right advice, guidance and tolerance to bear. It is why some people overcome hurtful events more quickly than others.

When this happens, the heart reassures and sends messages to the mind and converts it to positive thought and negates anything negative. In some cases this cycle happens at an instance.

There is a common saying that adds sweet scents to this question; ‘once you have crossed over the line then there is no going back’.

Would you go back and be miserable? The answer that everybody would give is, no. The higher consciousness knows what condition to be in and quickly reverts to it.

Simply because, you believe.

Can you give an example?

There are numerous conditions and cases this can occur or even not occur. An example of this, is yourself. How many times over your recent life, things have become bad and you have become upset? But quickly, you have reverted back to your normal happy self?

But, why?

As positivity is filled inside every cell in your body and in your case there is a seal on your heart that no one can take away or even destroy. This seal is that you are a believer and you have been embraced with the love of the Creator which acts as a shield for protection.

Can this idea also be represented when we set goals and targets for ourselves?

Goals and targets if set correctly, gives a person strength and determination; It is exactly the same principle as believing in something. Remember another saying, ‘we drive to get things done’. This is all about determination.

When we change our minds what happens next?

We simply lose our belief and the shield which is protecting us is no more. We then become vulnerable and begin to hurt inside. In severe cases a panic attack can occur.

Your mother, keep fast to what you believe.