Session 037 - The Criteria


Hello Son,

We remind you, when the dead called out to you in the cemetery; for you to pray for them. In the beginning you doubted as there were so many voices inside your head and different accents. They feared that the wrong they did in their lives will end their future reincarnations. The reply you gave them was worthy of a teacher gifted in wisdom.

You replied, ‘all you will ascend at a designated time period and I will pray for you, so do not worry’.

They all pleaded further but you kept reassuring them, The Creator at that moment forgave them and answered their prayers according to your criteria, at a designated time period.

Then you stood by the grave, and listened in silence and at that moment a conversation took place that was about you.

The conversation was the reward given to you for awakening three souls from your channelling. Your patience and desire to succeed could only be possible from you in all of your families combined.

The voice from the grave called out in excitement and showered her love and granted all your prayers and whatever you were thinking they were granted too.

This is an example of a criterion of someone who will definitely ascend into the realms and beyond, whose love and kindness is big as the universe.

Your mother beyond the realms of the universe.