Session 036 - End of suffering


Hello Son,

As the mind and thought progress through to the fifth dimension, suffering will decrease.

How is this possible?

There will be multiple changes when we start to reach the fifth dimensional new world. This is an advanced mental approach which is all spiritual, and positivity in the way we think will be common. When this happens, people will be humble when they talk to others.

This is already happening all around the world, humility is beginning to show in everyday conversation and less greed and competiveness. Those which cannot adjust or refuse to ascend will be sent to another dimensional world to go through their ascension in another time period which could be thousands of years later, depending on the soul.

Everyone left on the planet will be fifth dimensional but in various lower or advance stages.

Why will some be more advanced than others?

Those who show an interest and made an extra effort to refine their character and have been meditating, they have ignited the heart and are showered with the light of the Creator. As ascension is a gradual process, not everyone is able to tolerate the intense lights and vibrations connected with the fifth dimension.

There are millions of people around the world who are going through the process and have different abilities. As they practice their new found skills, more energy will build up and permeate through to the cells of the body. But we remind you that not everyone will reach the highest levels as a teacher, like yourself.

But the important thing is the end of all the hardship and duties of worldly affairs.

What changes will take place?

The most important to anyone is the quality if life. The material world has been extremely upsetting as there is intense struggle for the average man to make a living. Most are living in debt; this has been the primary aim for the dark lords.

Life will be for pleasure; as people will be given plentiful opportunities to enhance there spiritual growth. There will be teachers available to show them how they can communicate with their higher self and the Creator.

What will happen to the dark souls or lords of this world?

They will be banished from this material world and will never enter this realm again. They cannot and will never be allowed again to control or have influence on other planets again.

As all that are left will be allowed to progress through all the realms and live in harmony. This harmony is called the Heaven on Earth as written in all of the Holy Scriptures all around the world.

We remind mankind to continue with your own spiritual growth and be positive and look forward to the events of which some will bring out their best personalities and qualities.

Destruction is necessary; do not be alarmed but look forward to the final reward.

Your mother who advises all to dream about their futures.